KiezExplorer Neukölln iPhone App.

The Berlin-based startup KiezExplorer is a new approach to micro-local travel guides for urban exploration of Berlin’s most vibrant neighborhoods. The first release is the Neukölln iPhone app which focuses on the currently most exciting area in Berlin.

The app comes with a short introduction to the new creative hot-spot, a Neukölln survival guide and a short documentary video featuring interviews on the rapid changes in the Kiez and snapshots of its beauty.

Besides hand-picked highlights in the categories café, food, shopping, culture, nightlife and outdoor, you will find four guided tours through different neighborhoods. The tours comprise of photo slide shows with corresponding GPS trails that allow you to explore the most vibrant parts of Neukölln. Every station features background information in form of video interviews or texts. Additionally, our daily updated event planner lists you possibilities to enjoy local events.

The app was designed for Berlin tourists that are interested in subcultural highlights off the beaten tourist track: Neighborhoods such as Prenzlauer Berg likewise Neukölln are known all over the world and classic travel guides are not really suited for exploring such districts in detail. Besides for tourists, the app will also be interesting for people who recently moved to Neukölln to get to know their Kiez and to know what is going on.

All content and the app itself are translated into English and German. It is completely free of ads and contains only editorial content. After an initial download of all videos and photos the app can also be used in offline mode without a persistent internet connection.

The KiezExplorer iPhone App “Neukölln” is available on the Apple App Store.



KiezExplorer is a bootstrapped startup, founded by Markus Schmeiduch & Sebastian Schuster in Summer 2011.

Our motivation behind the project is our common interest in urban developments, the love for Berlin and our aim to develop the most sophisticaed micro-local iPhone tourist guide.

Markus Schmeiduch

Markus Schmeiduch

concept, design, photo- & videography.


Sebastian Schuster

Sebastian Schuster

app-development, concept


Special thx to the "make-it-real" crowd

Alexandra Strand (text, location-pictures), Beatrice Kiefer (interview), Brian Apteiker (interview), Christian Pitschl (press-photography), Claudia Simon (interview), Florian Parzer (Sound-Design), Judith Scheiböck (Text), Justus Wunschik (consulting, beta-testing), Lukas Pitschl (hardcore-beta-testing), Martina Gahleitner (press & pr), Markus Gahleitner (texte), Matthew Richardson (interview, text), Michael Schmidt (consulting, beta-testing), Regina Jost (consulting, interview), Stefan Eder (website dev), Susanne Rainer (text).


high resolution press images attached. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions: contact@kiezexplorer.com

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